His Story

Michael Dritto, better known as DRITTO is a North American born DJ, artist & producer who currently resides in New York City. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where at an early age he learned that he loved listening and creating music; After finishing his Professional Hockey career, Electronic Dance Music became his passion. Genre bending flawlessly between house, techno, electro & trance with a perfect hint of bass & hard genres to top it off. DRITTO has forged a 1 of a kind unique sound embodied in his quote:

"Energy never dies, it just transforms"

DRITTO started off 2020 with a bang, his track "Let’s Go" reaching #4 and "Mastodon .feat Steven Drizis" reaching #12 on the Beatport Big Room Top 100 Charts. This was a solid follow up to his track Dynasty which hit #14 In the charts and 4 successful releases on Appointed Recordings; one which gained support from DJ’s including Giuseppe Ottaviani, Apek & many more. In 2021 DRITTO's song "Let Your Body Move" was featured on EDM.com as well as gaining the support from several high profile artists !!

Along with creating widely supported tracks DRITTO has played at some of New York City's biggest & most prestigious venues. Putting on display his ability to use 4 CDJ decks simultaneously. DRITTO's beats will pull you into a black hole of filthy dance music and cosmic-sized drops. Come experience DRITTO, where the energy surpasses that of any star. He will leave you begging for more Super Nova-like BASS.

2022-07-30BOAT PARTY DJ MIles Deep--84